Best New Website 2015

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Best New Website 2015
Best New Website 2015

Congratulations to the Vania Romoff website for winning Metro magazine’s Best New Website for 2015.

6 Daily Habits for Small Business Owners
6 Habits

Ever woke up and wished there was two of you? Here are 6 simple habits to manage those days. These may even stop  those days from happening. Update your to-do list Break down work into smaller tasks Start tasks

Growth Hacking And 3 Ways To Make It Work
Growth Hacking

Have you heard of this term, growth hacking? Simply, its used to describe simple and affordable actions to grow your customer base. Its found typically in tech start-ups looking for non-traditional marketing options to generate buzz around their product.

Outsourcing for Small Business

There is an understanding that outsourcing is really designed for medium to large businesses. This may be the case in the infancy of the industry. Now with the more countries participating in business process outsourcing, the increase in competition

More Men Shop Online Weekly Than Women
2015 04 12 MenShopMoreThanWomen

According to an online shopping survey 30% of men shops online weekly, almost doubling the number for women which is at 18%.  Considering that non-transactional activities, such as reading reviews and looking for sales, are considered by male shoppers

Barriers and Cart Abandonment

Did you know that more than half of online shopping carts are abandoned? According to this infographic, the #1 reason carts are abandoned is the appearance of unexpected costs. Other reasons include: Found a better price elsewhere Checkout process

Design Terms Small Business Owners Need To Know
Design Terms Small Business Owners Need To Know

Ever been in a situation where your designer just did not get the brief? A picture is worth a thousand words, which is probably why miscommunication still occurs even after you’ve drawn your instructions. Words are distinct and, if

10 Essential Magento Extensions You Need
10 Essential Magento Extensions You Need

Did you know you can blog with Magento? Check out other extensions for your online store. Read Original Article

How to Successfully Design an E-commerce Website?

Consider these questions when designing your online store. Read Original Article

The Big Influence of Small Business

7 out of 10 jobs are created by small businesses. That’s why we shop small and shop local. Read Original Article

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